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After leaving high school, Galen decided to "hobo" around Europe seeking adventure, hoping to find the answer to fulfilling his ideals, which he believed would bring him happiness. He lived by selling sketches and doing portrait drawings in the cafes and bars of Paris. By selling his drawings, he worked his way across Europe and North through Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden, where he worked in an animated film studio. Then he traveled back down through Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain and off the coast of Africa to the Canary Islands.

Eventually he worked his way back up to Stockholm again. A few years of adventure later, but still not finding the answer to fulfilling his ideals, he returned to the United States where he married, started a family and spent a number of years as a commercial artist, illustrator and creative director for advertising agencies.

After achieving most of his professional goals early in his graphics career, he realized it was not going to bring the happiness he had hoped it would. While wrestling with this dilemma he became quite despondent. But it eventually led him to deeply ponder the question, “What am I?” This culminated in an unexpected spontaneous mystical experience that completely redirected his life.

In the 1960s, he and his wife, Barbara, started a private "group home" for x-street people. During that time he authored a book on philosophy and religion, "The Present Kingdom of God," published by Fleming H.. Revell.

While "The Present Kingdom of God," was intended for Christians, he had already recognized a much deeper and more profound experience that was at the actual heart of all the true spiritual traditions down the centuries. Galen had come across the books of Wei Wu Wei and recognized that they were speaking of what he had been drawn to seek those many years.

In an amazing coincidence he met author Paul Reps who was doing a workshop in Colorado and asked him if he had ever heard of Wei Wu Wei. Mr. Reps said that he had just come from visiting him in Monaco and gave Galen his address and real name, Terence Gray. This was the beginning of Galen's extensive correspondence with author Terence Gray. Later W.W.W. introduced him to Douglas Harding who visited Galen on one of his trips to the US.

Galen developed a correspondence program based in these insights called "The Wholemind Intuitive Research Program", which drew thousands of members from all over the world. He also conducted seminars and workshops. Galen was still occasionally doing illustrations and a full-page color illustration of his was published in Omni magazine in 1980. The same year, New Realities magazine published his article "Stargate: Humanity’s next glorious step?"

Several years ago Galen felt the need for a more private, simplified everyday life for himself and his family as well as a need to further deepen and mature this understanding. He withdrew from teaching and speaking and returned to school to obtain a degree in computer science and became an Oracle computer programmer. Then an essay of his, "An Exploration of Non-Volitional Living," appeared on the internet. The response to that essay, lead him to pen his latest book, not yet published, "What Am I?: A New Model of Reality".

An Exploration of Non-Volitional Living originally appeared at people/galen-sharp.html in 1993 and is now also found on other websites'

Galen was asked to write the foreword for the latest edition of "Ask The Awakened" by Wei Wu Wei, published by Sentient Publications in 2002.

The Dutch publication, "In Zicht" published a four page article with Galen's essay in their November 2007 edition.

Some of Galen's other research interests are unexplained phenomena, OBE, levitation and electrogravitics.

Presently, Galen is still following his Sense of Wonder and is busy with many projects.